EV and Hybrid Vehicles at Premier Kia of Carlsbad

As manufacturers become more aware of the impact of traditional vehicle on the environment, they move towards alternative fuel models. The two main options for most customers are the all-electric, or EV, and the hybrid. With all of the available options, it can be confusing to customers who aren’t sure what these different models offer
and which one is best for them.

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Hybrid Vehicles

A hybrid vehicle is one that has a gasoline engine as well as an electric motor. While the car doesn’t run on the electric motor, it does help improve fuel economy by acting as a generator.

When you press down on the brake, the energy released is stored in the battery for use the next time you accelerate. You get extra power without using extra fuel. One of the main benefits of hybrid vehicles is they are the least expensive of the alternative fuel models. They are ideal for anyone just getting into this market. This type of model can be your sole means of transportation because it can get you where you need to go no matter the distance.

The downside of the hybrid is that it doesn’t save as much fuel as a plug-in hybrid or the electric, which doesn’t use any. However, it’s a solid choice for buyers looking to save money on fuel costs.

Electric Vehicles

An electric vehicle doesn’t use any gasoline. Instead, it relies on a battery and electric motor to provide the power. There isn’t a gas tank since no fuel is needed. EV models offer smooth acceleration with no shifting and a quiet ride. There is very little maintenance, except for tires. No need to stop and fill up at a gas station on your trip, and there is no emissions, which is wonderful for the environment.

Unfortunately, the EV is more expensive than the hybrid. Another concern is about the range because it takes some time to recharge, unlike when you fill up the gas tank. If you plan to take an electric vehicle on a long trip, you’ll need to plan ahead and locate fast-charging stations along the route.

The Plug-In Hybrid

If you like the sounds of the hybrid and the electric, you can find some of the benefits of both with the plug-in hybrid. This model includes a gas tank and engine as well as a battery and electric motor. You have the option to run on all gasoline or all electric as well as a combination.

The plug-in hybrid allows you to keep going even if it needs recharged because the engine kicks in. On short trips, the car functions as an EV while gasoline is perfect for those longer travels.

KIA Hybrid and Electric Models

KIA Niro Hybrid

KIA currently has four models to fit into this category. The Niro Hybrid is a crossover which is loaded with technology and amenities. This model offers 139 combined horsepower with a 1.6L engine and hybrid electric motor for up to 53 mpg with city driving.

KIA Niro Plug-In Hybrid

The Niro Plug-In Hybrid is another option with up to 26 miles of all—electric range for city driving. Add in the gasoline engine for 46 mpg. Charge in any outlet with Level 1 charging or use a Level 2 charging station in public for a full charge in just 2 hours and 15 minutes.


Pass all the fuel stations in the Niro EV. With this model, it only takes a little over an hour to charge 80 percent. Travel for up to 239 miles with the all-electric range. Enjoy a peppy ride with 201 horsepower and 291 lb.-ft. of torque.

KIA Sorento Hybrid

A popular line, the Sorento now has a hybrid version. Powering this model is a turbocharged hybrid drivetrain which provides up to 258 lb.-ft. of torque. Enjoy impressive efficiency at an estimated 35 mpg of city driving.

If you’re ready to move up to the efficient alternative fuel vehicles from KIA, stop by Premier KIA of Carlsbad to find your next ride.