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EV Services at Premier Kia of Carlsbad

Like every other car, having regularly scheduled maintenance on your electric car will help guarantee your electric vehicle has a long life. Though eclectic cars may cost more than conventional vehicles, maintenance on an electric vehicle is far simpler than that of a regular one. Even though maintenance is simpler, you’ll still want to bring your car into a service you can trust. Premier Kia of Carlsbad near Escondido has an outstanding service department you can trust to handle all of your electric vehicle services.

Cost-Effective Electric Power

Compared to a regular car, an electric vehicle has fewer moving parts to worry about. Without parts like a radiator, engine, or fuel pumps, electric car maintenance can cost 50% less than a traditional vehicle. Electric vehicles also have regenerative braking which uses the electric motor to slow the car and put some electricity back into the battery. Breaking becomes more efficient with regenerative breaks since there is less wear and tear on the breaking disks and pads. According to automotive experts, an electric vehicle is 30% less to service and maintain than a conventional vehicle.

EV Maintenance and Servicing

Although an electric vehicle may require less maintenance, that doesn’t mean an EV is maintenance-free. Electric cars still need regular services on things like tire rotations, cabin air filter replacements, and replacements on wiper blades. Here are a few services that should be completed every 7,500 miles:

  • Tire Rotation
  • Check Battery Coolant Level
  • Cabin Heater Check
  • Brake Inspection
  • Charger Modules

A professional service member can check and provide all these services and more at Premier Kia of Carlsbad. At our exceptional dealership, we offer a car repair finance program to help keep you in your Kia.

Electric Car Batteries

One of the biggest concerns a potential buyer has is the life of an electric car battery. Just like a regular car battery, an electric vehicle battery also loses its ability to keep a charge over time. This is only a relative issue for older electric cars that could only keep a charge for 80 miles. Today, electric vehicles can keep a charge for around 200 thousand miles. Once you keep the vehicle long enough, you will eventually need to make the decision of trading in the car or replacing the battery pack. If you think about it, that situation isn’t very different from trading in a traditional car or replacing its engine.

EV Services for You

When servicing an electric vehicle, you will want someone who understands the parts of an EV and how they work. Our service department at Premier Kia of Carlsbad is highly trained on the electric technology it takes to make an EV work. We are here to help you care for your electric vehicle and any of the regular maintenance it might need. Whether it’s replacing the windshield wipers or changing the battery pack, our service technicians are certified to work on all Kia models. 

Check out our amazing service specials that are here to help you save money on your next service. Call Premier Kia of Carlsbad at (866) 980-3207 to schedule your EV service today!