Vehicle A/C Service Near San Diego, CA

Close up view of a vehicle's a/c component

A/C Service at Premier Kia Of Carlsbad

Summer’s coming, and with it comes the heat and humidity. We all want to drive comfortably in high temperatures, so it is necessary to have an air conditioning system that does its job properly. To ensure your AC is running the way it should, you’ll want to have it looked at and maintenance procedures performed. If you live in CarlsbadChula Vista, or Temecula, you can get your air conditioning system inspected and serviced at Premier KIA of Carlsbad.

A/C Performance Inspection Services in Carlsbad, CA

We will start with an inspection to determine how well your air conditioner is performing. Our service department will diagnose any problems with an AC Performance Check. There are few things more refreshing than getting into a nicely cooled vehicle when the thermometer is high. In time, parts will wear out. AC fittings get loose, O-rings, seals, and hoses break down, and that cool refreshing blast of treated air suddenly doesn’t do what it once did. Our technicians will service your vehicle’s cooling system at a reasonable price.

Common Vehicular A/C Problems

Your AC can wear out, and your refrigerant can leak. Some symptoms that can manifest from this problem are warm or hot air coming out of the vents, the stream of air from the vents being weak and ineffective, or no air coming out of the vents at all.

How Do I Know if Repairs Are Needed to My Vehicle’s A/C

Problems like those listed above generally stem from refrigerant leaks, but some other signs that may indicate AC repairs are needed include:

  • Only Hot Air Is Coming Out of the Vents– Sometimes water gets into your AC, mixes with your refrigerant, and forms a strong acid that begins to corrode and dissolve your system’s parts. This acid causes rubber seals to leak out refrigerant, and if they leak, it impacts the cooling effectiveness of your AC.
  • Bad Smells– Funky smells emitting from the vents can also mean attention is needed. Weird smells filling your cabin can mean mold is present in your cooling system. This is another way that water in the system can damage your AC. Water can enter the system through dirty or damp cabin air filters or a blocked drain in the evaporator case.
  • Low or No Airflow– If there is a buildup of moisture in the evaporator core, it can result in mold or other debris accumulation that blocks airflow. Low pressure can also mean an obstruction in the evaporator core, or the blower motor itself is going bad.

How Often Do I Need A/C Service?

Your vehicle’s owner’s manual contains a manufacturer’s recommended service schedule for all maintenance, including maintaining your AC system. On average, your AC system should be serviced at least once a year unless problems arise that prompt service earlier.

If you need to have your vehicle’s air conditioning system serviced, use our service scheduler, give us a call, or stop by Premier Kia of Carlsbad in person and schedule an appointment.