Transmission Service Near Oceanside, CA

Close up view of a vehicle's transmission

Transmission Service at Premier Kia Of Carlsbad

Just like an oil change, a transmission service is a regular part of routine car maintenance. The primary feature of a transmission service is to flush out old transmission fluid and then replace it with new fluid. A complete transmission service should also include examining the sump pump or pan, cleaning or replacing the filter, cleaning the pan, or installing a new pan gasket. Premier Kia of Carlsbad has an outstanding service department ready to serve OceansideSan Deigo, and surrounding cities.

When Should You Get Your Transmission Serviced?

Your transmission should be serviced according to the intervals suggested in your car’s owner’s manual. It will also depend on whether you are driving a manual or automatic transmission car. There are also clear indicators that you can look out for as well when it comes to transmission service.

  • Strange Noises – buzzing, humming, clunking, or grinding
  • Trouble Shifting – trouble shifting between gears, the car hesitating to catch up, or hesitation going from park to drive
  • Surges and Stalls – car surges forward or back, car stalls, the car should move right when you put it in gear
  • Check Engine Light – First indicator of a problem, bring to a mechanic to scan for error codes
  • Leaking Fluid – a puddle of red fluid under the car, low fluid level on the dipstick

The Importance of Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is what is used to lubricate the moving parts inside your vehicle’s transmission. In an automatic transmission vehicle, the fluid is also used for several other purposes including as a coolant. An automatic transmission generates more heat causing the automatic transmission fluid to break down with use over time. The fluid will also become contaminated over time as well as parts inside the transmission become worn. In manual transmission vehicles, the transmission fluid becomes easily contaminated as metal bearings and gears inside the transmission begin to wear down. When these particles float around the transmission fluid, it can no longer lubricate effectively.

Maintenance Between Services

In between transmission services, you should regularly check the level of transmission fluid in your vehicle. If your car’s transmission fluid is low, it could cause irreparable damage to the transmission as it cannot lubricate properly. While there are some warning signs such as noises, there can often be no indication that your transmission fluid is running low. That is why it is imperative to your vehicle’s lifespan to regularly check your fluid levels for leaks.

We guarantee that we will have your vehicle up and running as quickly as possible. Our parts department will only use genuine OEM parts to keep your Kia in prime condition. We also use the latest diagnostic equipment to figure out the problem and give you an estimated cost and length of time for the job to be completed. At Premier Kia of Carlsbad, we offer our customers a wide variety of service and parts specials.

If your Kia shows any problems, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment at Premier Kia of Carlsbad where our professional service technicians are ready to diagnose and fix any transmission problem you may have.