Windshield Wiper Service Near Chula Vista, CA

View of two service techs changing out the windshield wipers on a car

Windshield Wiper Service at Premier Kia Of Carlsbad

While your vehicle’s windshield wipers are a small part of your overall vehicle, they play a major role in keeping you safe on the roads of San Diego. Knowing know to look for when it comes to bad or broken windshield wipers can help you on those extra rainy days. Getting your wipers serviced or replaced when they become damaged or broken can save you time, and money, and help prevent scratches to your windshield. Have your windshield wipers serviced or replaced right here at Premier Kia of Carlsbad.

How Long Do Wipers Last?

Many factors affect the longevity of your vehicle’s windshield wipers. These factors can make your wipers age faster, causing you to replace them or service them more frequently. Some of these factors are:

  • Usage: The more you use your windshield wipers, the faster they will wear down.
  • Vehicle Storage: Where your car is parked, or if you keep it covered can affect your wipers. Vehicles that stay covered need less wiper maintenance.
  • Your Environment: If you live in an area that gets little rain, this can be especially hard on your vehicle’s wipers since dry heat can cause cracks and damage.

Remember to always check your windshield wipers before heading out on the roads of Escondido, this could save you the stress of having damaged or broken wipers in the rain.

How to Tell When Your Windshield Wipers Are Bad

It is recommended that a vehicle’s windshield wipers be serviced or replaced once a year, but this doesn’t mean they can’t go bad sooner. There are signs you can look out for that indicate your windshield wipers are going bad and could cause problems. Always check your wipers frequently for the following:

  • Wet Streaks: Good windshield wipers should leave your windshield clean of water. Wet streaks could mean a worn-away blade.
  • Water Spots: Wet spots leftover after the wipers pass could mean the blade can no longer wipe away water because of a tear.
  • Squeaking Sound: If your wipers squeak or make any sound as they pass, is a sign of damage to the rubber of the blade.
  • Vibration: If your wiper jerks or vibrates along the glass is a bad sign and could mean the joint is not connected properly.

You don’t want to get caught in a storm with bad or improperly working windshield wipers. It could be dangerous to you, your passengers, and the drivers around you. Have your wipers properly serviced at our Premier Kia of Carlsbad service center. Servicing Your Wiper Blades

Every vehicle has specific windshield wipers that fit perfectly and work properly for that vehicle. Located inside your owner’s manual are the type of wipers needed for your vehicle, and if you can’t find them there, then ask the experts in our service department. There are different kinds of windshield wipers to choose from as well, like curved blades that contour to your windshield for a cleaner wipe. These curved types of blades are more efficient, and while they could cost more, they typically last longer.

Temecula customers can make the short drive to Premier Kia of Carlsbad and get their windshield wipers serviced and replaced.