Upgrade Your Daily Drive With Apple CarPlay

Get Into A New KIA With Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay is a smarter, safer way to use your iPhone while you drive. And now with an all‑new CarPlay Dashboard that helps you with tunes, turns, and Siri suggestions, a Calendar app that lets you view and manage your day, and maps that reveal more of what’s around you, getting there just got a whole lot easier. So let us help you connect Apple CarPlay to your vehicle, check out the how-to video above or feel free to call our helpful team at Premier Kia of Carlsbad, we are happy to assist.

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Controlling Your Apple CarPlay

Thanks to CarPlay with Siri voice control, you never have to worry about taking your eyes off the road. California drivers can control Apple CarPlay through the touchscreen display, touchpad, buttons, and knobs. Activate Siri voice control by pressing and holding the voice control button on your Kia steering wheel. Your favorite iPhone apps have been reimagined for the vehicle so locating the ones you need on the touchscreen has never been easier. Scroll through your apps using your Kia’s knobs and dials to select the application you’re looking for.

Which Apps Can You Use In Your Kia?

Apple CarPlay offers all your favorite apps like messaging, Apple Music, and more along with third-party apps as well. Access EV charging, fueling, food ordering, and driving task apps through your Kia thanks to CarPlay. Drivers won’t have to worry about leaving CarPlay to access their vehicle’s apps either. Apple CarPlay supports apps created by car manufacturers as well. Customize your Kia touchscreen display by rearranging your apps through the settings on your iPhone. CarPlay also supports your favorite third-party navigation apps, like Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze.

Apple CarPlay – The Next Generation

The ultimate iPhone experience for your Kia is almost here, with next-generation CarPlay. This next generation of CarPlay also provides the content to all the driver’s screens like the driver instrument cluster display to give you the best experience your iPhone and Kia have to offer. Control vehicle functions like climate control and radio stations right from CarPlay as well. Design and personalize your screens to match your style by configuring widgets or changing the gauge cluster design.

Does Your Kia Have CarPlay?

There are numerous Kia models that come equipped with Apple CarPlay, whether it is a standard trim model or a higher one. Drivers can find CarPlay in Kia models like the Soul, K5, Forte , Stinger, Telluride, and Sorento. Find your next Kia model with Apple CarPlay at Premier Kia of Carlsbad.

What Can CarPlay Do For You?

When you connect to your Kia through Apple CarPlay, you’re choosing a unique driving experience catered to you. CarPlay also provides a secure way to access your iPhone’s features through your Kia as you drive. So, what can Apple CarPlay do for you?

  • Make Hands-Free Phone Calls – Dial your family and friends through Siri Voice Control or the buttons on your steering wheel for hands-free calling.
  • Play Your Favorite Music – Stream your favorite songs or podcast through CarPlay with Apple Music or a third-party app like Spotify.
  • Access Maps – Use addresses from your texts to find your way through the city or set your destination using Apple Maps through CarPlay.
  • From an iPhone to Car Keys – Using Apple CarPlay you can use your iPhone to unlock and start your Kia up to five hours after your iPhone dies.
  • Access Your Calendar – Prepare the day from the road by accessing your calendar through CarPlay in your Kia vehicle.


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